Why is Bulgaria the right country for your private wine tour?

When it comes to conducting a private wine tour, there are only a few countries with greater potential than Bulgaria. From the popularity of wine and long-standing traditions regarding its production through wonderful destinations in almost all regions to the possibilities of wine tourism to be practised throughout the entire year. Here is a little more information on why Bulgaria is the right country for a private wine tour:

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Winemaking on the territory of Bulgaria dates to antiquity. There is evidence that the ancient population of these lands made variants of today's drink as early as 4000 BC. The development of winemaking intensified during the Thracian period and continued confidently during the First, Second, and Third Bulgarian states. So, a quality private wine tour could introduce you to the rich and interesting history of Bulgarian winemaking and reveal facts that you did not suspect at all.

Almost every foreigner who has tasted Bulgarian wine will confirm that it is of excellent quality. This is due to the wonderful grape varieties grown on the territory of the country, which are invariably the main theme of any private wine tour. On the other hand, the quality of Bulgarian wine is a credit to the highly qualified specialists working in the local wineries. Wineries that have won a number of international awards and honours have proven that they do not make any compromises with the quality and taste of this much-loved drink. By choosing the right private wine tour, you will have the opportunity to visit some of these renowned wineries.

During your private wine tour, you will explore all of the wonderful destinations in various regions of the country. In almost all regions of Bulgaria, there are wonderful destinations that could be visited within a private wine tour. Most of the red grape varieties are grown on the territory of the Thracian Lowland; the Southwest region is popular for its renowned wineries producing wines such as Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon; the Danube Plain is also home to a number of grape varieties and Bulgaria's only wine museum. Whichever way you go on a private wine tour, you won't go wrong.

Last, but not least, you can go on a private wine tour throughout the entire year. Regardless of which season of the year it takes place, any private wine tour could show a number of interesting things to tourists. From travelling to areas where different grape varieties are grown to visiting a winery and learning more about the production process to participating in cultural events combining wine, delicious cuisine, and local traditions. Just choose the private wine tour that best suits your interests and preferences to be completely satisfied.

What benefits could you get from attending a private wine tour?

Attending a private wine tour could have many benefits for you as a consumer. Here are some of the reasons to choose a private wine tour in Bulgaria.

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Wine tasting is one of the greatest pleasures for participants in a private wine tour. Such events are offered by every winery to promote its unique products, which distinguish it from its competitors. Within the framework of a quality private wine tour, you will receive a large amount of useful information about the wine production process. Perhaps you yourself have experience making wine and want to further develop your knowledge and skills. Or maybe you just want to learn the details of how your favourite drink is made. Either way, signing up for a private wine tour is an excellent solution.

The meticulously organised private wine tours will also include ideas and advice from experts on how to achieve the perfect pairings between wine and food. The truth is that for every type of food, whether it is meat, salad, or dessert, there are suitable varieties of wine. So going on a private wine tour is quite possible to make your family dinners or gatherings with friends significantly more delicious and enjoyable.

Benefits of going on a private wine tour include meeting new and interesting people and having the opportunity to make a number of new friends within one private wine tour. People who have similar interests and tastes as yours, with whom you will match in terms of energy and outlook on life. People with whom you will form long-lasting relationships that last for years—why not a lifetime?

Private wine tours in Bulgaria from Balkan Overlanding

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By trusting the Balkan Overlanding team, you will be assured of a first-class private wine tour visit. This is a private wine tour, which is distinguished by a precisely arranged programme and offers you many interesting activities and entertainment. With Balkan Overlanding you will receive a private wine tour that is completely tailored to your interests and preferences and will provide you with exactly the experiences you are looking for. A private wine tour at a price that is sufficiently competitive and in line with the financial capabilities of the average consumer. If you would like to book a private wine tour organised by Balkan Overlanding, do not hesitate to contact our team by phone or email. We will gladly tell you about our current private wine tour offers and help you choose the one that suits you to the fullest.