Tents James Baroud

The roof tents of James Baroud are the world market leaders. High quality tents with a hard body made of Fibro Glass and soft ones made of 6-layer aluminized membrane. They can be installed on any vehicle as long as it has two cross bars. Your car roof can become a super comfortable bedroom and you can enjoy the stars wherever you are without feeling any discomfort

Bed & Kitchen EgoeNest

Transform your vehicle into a camper in just minutes. Egoe Nest modules give you everything you need to make your trip adventurous and super comfortable. Comfortable bedroom, Refrigerator, Sink and Gas stove in your trunk. 


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Wine tour

Grape growing and winemaking have a long history in Bulgaria, dating back to the time of the Thracians. There are records of Bulgarian winemaking from 4000 BC. Wine is among the most popular alcoholic beverages in the country.



Cultural and historical Tour

Bulgaria is one of the oldest European countries and is the only one that has not changed its name since it was founded in 681. According to statistics, Bulgaria ranks third in Europe after Italy and Greece in terms of the number of its valuable archaeological monuments.

Tour Natural attractions

Extremely rich biodiversity, natural parks, unique natural attractions, impressive caves and canyons, glacial lakes - it is difficult to describe in a few words how diverse and wonderful the nature of Bulgaria is.

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