What are the benefits of investing in a camping shower?

A camping shower is one of the accessories designed for overnight stays in the wild. The demand for it has increased significantly in recent years – and this is no accident. Having a camping shower at your disposal will make every camping trip much more pleasant and comfortable. Here are some of the main benefits that investing in a camping shower would bring you:

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Camping shower from Balkan Overlanding

1. Even if you are out in nature, you want to be clean, fresh, and to smell good. All this can be achieved thanks to a quality and reliable camping shower. It will allow you to shower whenever you feel like it wherever you are. A camping shower will make long-duration camping trips more pleasant because you will be able to maintain your usual cleanliness and hygiene.

2. Having a camping shower will bring more comfort and make your holiday in the wild much more enjoyable. Imagine falling into a muddy puddle and getting seriously dirty. Or the rain has caught you outdoors, and you are wet and freezing. In both cases, a warm shower in your camping shower will do you quite good. So, we advise you to invest in a premium camping shower so that you can really enjoy your holidays.

3. When you have your own personal camping shower, you won’t have to use the public showers available nearby or the ones on the campsite grounds. With your camping shower you will save yourself from waiting in line to take a shower, the risk of running out of hot water, as well as the possibilities of catching various infections and contagions.

4. A premium cabin with its own camping shower will give you direct access to your car. There is no need to go outdoors, risking exposure to adverse weather conditions or the prying eyes of other people.

Buying a camping shower: why trust the James Baroud brand?

James Baroud is a European brand that is one of the global leaders in the production of products for hiking in the wild as well as for outdoor camping, including camping showers. A brand that has proven over time that it does not make any compromises with the quality of its products or with the comfort of the user. In the James Baroud catalogue, you can find premium camping shower models that will undoubtedly do an excellent job during your holidays in nature. There are various camping showers available, both from the lower and higher price ranges. In this sense, each user could purchase a camping shower suitable for his needs, requirements, and budget.

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Camping shower – Find out more!

Let’s look at two of the most popular and up-to-date camping shower models from the James Baroud brand. See who they are:

Classic James Baroud Camping Shower: This camping shower is the solution for explorers who are looking for a more affordable price compared to the James Baroud Falcon Shower and do not like automated opening. A camping shower that is made of rubberized waterproof material and can be hung on any car stand. It is available on the market as a combination of an aluminium frame and a mounting kit. The installation of the classic James Baroud camping shower is extremely easy. You just need to attach two clips to the car’s roof rack or side bars. Then attach the frame to the appropriate fasteners.

James Baroud Falcon Camping Shower is the luxury offer from the “Camping Shower” category of the brand. This camping shower is designed to remain attached to the roof rack of the vehicle. The camping shower cabin is made of a rubberized waterproof material that is also UV-resistant and antistatic. Also added is soft plastic, painted a sleek black. It opens and closes quickly, and access to the car is available without having to leave the shower cubicle. By investing in a James Baroud Falcon camping shower, you can be sure that it will serve you for quite a long time.

Reasons to buy your new camping shower from the Balkan Overlanding online store.

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Camping shower – Contact us!

People who choose to shop from the Balkan Overlanding online store will receive a premium-quality camping shower as well as other overlanding and camping gear. We offer the best and latest products from the James Baroud brand catalogue that will make your wilderness vacations better than ever. The prices that you will find on our website for camping showers and other overlanding gear are competitive enough, especially considering the quality of the products offered. Trust our team to get the optimal ratio between quality and price for the “Camping Shower” category. In the Balkan Overlanding online store, you can find a sufficiently rich and diverse range of products in the “Camping Shower” category. Products from the lower and higher price ranges, with different features, sizes, designs, mounting options, etc. Regardless of what type of vehicle you have and what your requirements are for the camping shower you are looking for our platform is the right place to shop.

If you need professional advice regarding the choice of the right camping shower according to your requirements and the parameters of your vehicle, do not hesitate to contact the team at the Balkan Overlanding online store – you can reach us via phone or simply write us and e-mail. We will be happy to answer all your questions and guide you to a purchase decision that will satisfy you to the maximum extent. Choose your new camping shower and overlanding gear at Balkan Overlanding!

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