James Baroud Roof Top Tents and accessories is a European company dedicated to adventure and 4WD travel. With over twenty years of research, design development and testing stand behind their roof top tents and accesories and it shows.

James Baroud staff from the CEO to the design team are all experienced adventure 4WD enthusiasts. James Baroud even employ a former Paris To Dakar rally pilot just to conduct proving tests of each of our roof top tent models.

James Baroud products are built to exacting ISO world standards and underline everything you’d expect from a quality ‘European build’.

The James Baroud products are not cheap imitations; they are the real thing and the design most often copied by our competitors.

The patented automatic opening system of their hard shell rooftop tents means only 10 seconds to erect and less than 30 seconds to stow away and their ability to withstand the most extreme weather conditions and outstanding construction make these world leaders and your first choice in hard shell roof top tents.

James Baroud roof top tents are used by the support crews in the Paris to Dakar rallies, so what better recommendation for reliability and durability can you get?

James Baroud are so confident of the quality of their tents and accessories that they are the only ones to offer a full 5 years guarantee.

Why Use A Roof Top Tent?
The best roof top tent creates extra space inside your vehicle. Think about how much room is taken up with traditional tents and bedding... and think what you could do with that extra space? It may mean being able to take an extra person on your next trip.

While your friends are dealing with the ropes, pegs and poles of traditional tents, your James Baroud rooftop tent is open and ready to use in less than 10 seconds. It just doesn't get any easier.

Sleeping elevated away from rough ground on a comfortable foam mattress, screened from biting insects and unwanted pests, your cosy sleeping space is thoroughly waterproof, wind tested to 120 KM/hour and well ventilated.

Fantastic for a weekend away fishing, surfing safari or an extended touring holiday, their versatility also make them the preferred option for outback or cross country travel required as part of your work or research.

It's also good to know that our range of hard shell roof top tents are equally suitable for sedans, station wagons, vans and utes. Check out our gallery to see the range of vehicles using our rooftop tents and some ingenious mounting configurations. visit our gallery.

Beware of cheap imitations. A closer look at the specifications of our competitors will soon show that only James Baroud roof top tents have maintained the fastidious quality standards in the development and manufacture of these tents, ISO ratings for the fabric, fittings, mattress etc and a 5 year guarantee on fabric, hull and mechanism.

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James Baroud: Everything you need to know about the brand

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James Baroud is a European brand that has established itself as one of the most prestigious and renowned on a global scale in terms of manufacturing products for wilderness trekking and outdoor camping. Its products are distinguished by high quality as well as precise designs that bring maximum comfort to the user. James Baroud is staffed by highly qualified and experienced specialists who, among other things, are also huge lovers of outdoor adventures. Today we will introduce you to the most popular products from the brand's catalogue and their advantages from other solutions available on the market. In addition, you will understand why buying James Baroud products from the Balkan Overlanding online store is an extremely profitable option for you.
Read more: The most popular products from the James Baroud brand are the roof tents, which are the preferred choice for adventurers around the world. These include James Baroud roof tents designed for hard and soft vehicle roofs. James Baroud also offers a variety of accessories, thanks to which one can equip himself with everything necessary for camping and hiking in the wild. Part of the James Baroud accessories are car awnings, camping showers, mattresses, thermal insulation, walls, tunnels, barbecues, bags, etc.

The main advantages of products from the James Baroud brand

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There are several main advantages to James Baroud brand products, which we will focus on. Among them are their high quality, solid guarantees, several varieties, as well as the innovative technologies they have implemented. Here is a little more information about the benefits mentioned:
  1. The main advantage of James Baroud brand products is their high quality. When it comes to the benefits of James Baroud brand products, we cannot help but start with their high quality. These products are ISO-certified and meet the latest industry standards. If you bet on James Baroud roof tents or accessories, you can be sure that you will use them for a long period of time. 2. Another advantage of James Baroud brand products is their solid guarantees. The proof of the quality of the products belonging to the James Baroud catalogue is that they come with quite solid guarantees. For roof tents and most types of James Baroud accessories, these guarantees are valid for a period of 5 years. When purchasing a product with such a large warranty, the consumer is assured that they have made a good investment. 3. Another advantage of James Baroud brand products is the large number of varieties. James Baroud brand products are available in several varieties. For example, among the James Baroud roof tents, there are those designed for hard roofs and for soft roofs, with different sizes, shapes, designs, and additional extras. Thus, every user can buy exactly what he needs for his dream vacation in nature. 4. The main advantage of James Baroud brand products is the implementation of innovative technologies. The products that are included in the James Baroud catalogue are also distinguished by the innovative technologies implemented. Innovative technologies that bring greater levels of user comfort and satisfaction. An example of such innovative technology is the automatic opening system of James Baroud hardshell roof tents. Thanks to this system, opening the tents in question takes only 10 seconds, and closing them takes about half a minute. Most importantly, however, the respective openings and closings are done automatically. No effort is required on your part, and there is no need to worry that you could make a mistake somewhere in the process. 5. All of James Baroud’s products have gone through many field tests. It is a common fact that James Baroud has hired a former Paris-Dakar rally driver to conduct proof tests on the quality and performance of each of their roof tent models. What's more, the roof tents in question are currently used by teams in regular editions of the rally for maintenance purposes. That is just another proof that the tents from the James Baroud catalogue are reliable and durable in different types of environments and conditions.

Why buy the desired James Baroud products from the Balkan Overlanding online store?

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At Balkan Overlanding’s online store, you will find the best and latest products from James Baroud. Products that feature premium quality and features and meet the latest industry standards. Products that will help make your wilderness adventures even more exciting and enjoyable. At the same time, James Baroud products are available at quite competitive prices with us, especially considering their quality and durability over time. You can be sure that by shopping at the Balkan Overlanding online store, you will get the optimal ratio between quality and price for the products of this renowned European brand. We at Balkan Overlanding's online store have tried to gather a rich and varied range of products from the James Baroud brand catalogue to provide adventurers with everything they need for their upcoming hikes and overnight stays in the wild. Including James Baroud roof tents for hard and soft roofs, awnings, mattresses, camping showers, walls, thermal insulation, barbecues, and various other types of accessories. If you need professional advice in choosing the right products from the James Baroud brand catalogue for your needs and requirements, do not hesitate to contact the online team at the Balkan Overlanding store. You can reach us by phone or email. We will be happy to answer all your questions regarding the James Baroud products and guide you to the best solutions for your most exciting and, at the same time, comfortable moments in nature.